Traffic Ticket Lawyers

Every year, about 41 thousand Americans make themselves a traffic ticket. Keep in mind, traffic ticketing isn’t the only traffic violation. If you drive under the influence of drugs, have a weapon, or operate under the influence of alcohol, you too could be charged with a traffic lawyer offense.

A traffic lawyer is called upon when you get stopped by an officer who suspects that you are driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Before your arrest, the officer will take your license and do a chemical test or urine test. The results will determine if you have been driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If either is the case, then the officer will notify you and give you a formal notice to appear in court. In many cases, your license will be suspended immediately. This means that you will have no driver’s license and will be required to take a driver’s education class.

You should be aware of the serious repercussions that a traffic lawyer can have on your driving privileges. You will have to attend the first court hearing that your citation has scheduled for you. In most cases, the judge will require you to be personally represented by a traffic lawyer. The purpose of hiring one is so that you can effectively communicate with the officer who pulled you over and present your defense of the traffic ticket in front of the judge.

When you are charged with a traffic offense, it is critical that you hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you through the proceedings. A criminal defense attorney represents you in court as well as makes sure that your rights are protected throughout the case. Hiring an expert in traffic law can take some of the pressure off of you. Hiring one to represent you can be a challenging decision due to the many options that are available. You can choose between a traffic lawyer who practices within the state that you were charged with the traffic violation or if you reside out of state, you can choose a local attorney. A qualified attorney will know what to do in each situation to give you the best chance of getting your license back.

The most common traffic violation is speeding. Speeding tickets can range from a minor traffic violation such as a failure to yield to a stop sign or red light to more severe infractions such as vehicular manslaughter. Most states have a minimum amount of speed that is required to be driven in order to be considered guilty and receive a citation. Other traffic violation fines may include reckless driving, failure to yield to an emergency, or other serious offenses. If your violation involves a serious violation such as these, you might not be able to reduce the fine so you will need to fight the ticket in court. An experienced traffic lawyer will be familiar with all of the options that you have available to reduce the charges or at least get your citation dismissed.

Some people are unaware that they can also use their traffic lawyer in the case of an auto accident. If you or someone else was injured in an automobile accident caused by someone driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, your rights can be abused by the other driver’s insurance company. Your traffic lawyer can contact your insurance company and try to negotiate a reasonable settlement with them. In some cases, the driver that caused the accident can be sued by the victims for medical bills and pain and suffering. Having a skilled traffic lawyer on your side can ensure that you receive the fair settlement that you deserve.

If you received a traffic ticket for a moving violation while driving and are concerned about the consequences that come with it, you should consult with a traffic lawyer immediately. There are many reasons why you should consider consulting an attorney before taking any action. If the officer who cited you failed to note the fact that you were driving while intoxicated, the ticket that you received will be more severe than if the officer noted that you were not intoxicated. Your lawyer can argue that you should not be punished for a violation that did not occur due to alcohol or drugs. You can also get a discount on your auto insurance premiums if you choose to use a traffic lawyer instead of defending yourself in court.

Although many people think that a traffic citation is only an inconvenience, it may also have serious consequences if you do not make sure that you get a good defense against it. Hiring a skilled traffic lawyer can help ensure that you do not become another statistic. An experienced attorney may also be able to get your criminal traffic violation dismissed.

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